The Best Wearable Technology of 2018

Here is a list of the best-rated tools that can be worn over your prised member:

  1. The classic lock the cock sex toy with three rings that go around the penis:

This is by far the best one that is in the market yet. People who have used this classic model tell me over the community chatroom that there is nothing that comes close to the comfort that this one provides.

The steel cage and the padlock may take a short time to get used to but in course of a day or two, everyone gets settled down with the uneasiness.

If I am allowed to make one observation on this and it is mostly after its usage, then it is the weight that bothered me a bit. Otherwise, this was indeed the best one that I have used in terms of durability and comfort and also ease of washing and reusing.

  1. Lock the cocking device made with medical grade resin and with upgraded locking system:

This one comes a close second. The reason is quite that it is transparent and can be seeing through-able. The whole paranoia about using a dark colored cock locking device is that in case of any changes in the appearance or in the physiology of the penis, it is easy to see and take a call if the member has to be let out.

Also, the padlock is made lighter and in some of the advanced models, it is even done away with. However, the steel cage like lock the cock is what beckons me the most.

The device is made with virgin material and there is no issue whatsoever about using the recycled raw material. In case you like to see a brochure of all the models available and colors also, you can get wonderful discounts when you shop from your account that is linked with the Facebook and Instagram. You can even write to us at to read more about the devices and to get a quote on each of the fantastic models that are up for grabs.

But don’t take forever; offers are valid only till the stocks last!

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