Self Balancing Scooter Tips: 5 Hoverboard Tricks to Try

How do you teach a baby to stand on his feet and take the first baby steps of independent walking? By assisting in understanding his line of balance, the positioning of feet placement and changing directions, he gets the trick of walking and then gradually builds up with experience.

Making it as simple as that of an escalator

Toddlers are also experts in escalating up and down in the shopping mall and find a great deal of fun in that. There is no need for calculative analysis, rigid posture or narrowed vision to master the driving technique. Hoverboards work on almost the same technique. For a safe and smooth board driving, there are three precise areas to apply your senses:

  • Step on the board
  • Drive, change directions
  • Stop the ride and unmount

Imagine that you are going to drive a hoverboard uk model. The technology used by the board; a sensor that detects your presence, change of center of gravity to adjust balance and direction and absence needs no introduction.

  1. Step onto the footpad without hurry and by exactly shifting your stable balance on the top of the board. The second leg should just be an accessory to be placed right after handing over your balance to the board.
  2. Do not let your body get dragged along as if it is an unexpected force and at the same time remember that the board and not you that is moving forward.
  3. To change direction, maintain the same stable posture and just give some extra pressure on the leg of the desired
  4. To twist or turn, it is not required to shift your greater body part to any of the sides, just ensure that your line of balance is slightly aligned to that side.
  5. Avoid hurriedly getting off the board after finishing the ride. Shift your whole center of gravity or weight on the first foot stepped down and the other one just follows.

Self-driving on Hoverboard is more or less the same consisting of the initial balancing, shifting the line of balance for directions and finishing off the ride. These are not tricks, but rather the use of our inborn logical thinking to apply in our motion.