Top Tips to Use Drones to do Stunning Aerial Photography

Taking aerial photographs with the help of drones is now very simple. On the website you would find more details about the drone laws that you should know about before you undertake drone photography.

  1. Get the light right

Much like on the conventional camera, even on your drone camera you might need filters and flash to ensure that you capture the aerial shot with the right amount of lighting. You can always adjust the exposure to control the contrast. Most day times shots work pretty well with drones. There isn’t the problem with shadows and glares as with normal cameras because of the height. Care should be taken for low light shots.

  1. RAW format

Ensuring that you remove compression tech and capture the RAW unprocessed files are the best ways to capture every detail in your image. You can always do the post-processing on a photo editing software. This would also ensure that you actually manage to get the best out of the resolution of the drone camera.

  1. Prepare your drone

When you set out on your drone photography expedition, make sure that you have fine-tuned your drone’s operation. Check to ensure that it is working in the best condition. Carry all the required accessories for your drone. Charging provisions carried along would also be a better option.

  1. Pick the right type of accessories for drone cameras

There are different types of flash fixtures and filters designed particularly for the drone cameras. These are designed to block to particular colors in the spectrum and also to shield UV light.

Try in a simpler landscape, to begin with. This would help you keep the subject simple and then play with all possible angles and settings. You can always capture a unique feature of the simplest subjects and create a masterpiece out of it.